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Premises Liability and the Building Code

  • 29 Jun 2021
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Webinar sponsored by J.S. Held


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Our next TDLA FREE webinar will be presented by Patron Sponsor J.S. Held, entitled "Premises Liability and the Building Code" on Tuesday June 29th at 1pm EST/ Noon CST, and last one hour. The speaker will be Mike Rimoldi, MPA, CBO, CFM with J.S. Held.

When a victim claims to suffer an injury, lawyers often attempt to cite a building code violation as the duty breached. We found there were over 52M results when we Googled the term premises liability and the building code. Did you know that building codes were established to set minimum safety standards? This course will teach attendees:

  • The basics of interpreting building code
  • Some key events that have led to new safety standards
  • How and why they were established
  • Lastly, the session will discuss two big claimed caused of premises liability claims: stairs and poor lighting

Attendees will learn how the building code applies to:

  • Negligence per se claims
  • Constructive notice claims
  • Reasonable standards
  • Failure to maintain claims
  • Grandfathering

About Mike Rimoldi -
Michael’s over thirty years of experience has been gained on both sides of the permitting counter. His experience includes several years spent in the local government sector with the Hillsborough County, Florida Development Services Division in the Building Department. He worked as a plans examiner and then was subsequently promoted to the position of General Manager of Building Code Compliance and Contractor Licensing and eventually became the Building Official for Hillsborough County; a jurisdiction of over 1 000 square miles and a population of 1.2 million.

This is a Free TDLA webinar sponsored by J.S. Held. TDLA will apply for one hour of general TN CLE. This will be a zoom meeting.

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