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TDLA Amicus Efforts

20 Jun 2024 8:00 AM | Mary Gadd (Administrator)

TDLA has recently become involved in several issues that our Amicus Committee and TDLA Board found would be important for our civil defense community.

TDLA has recently participated/ approved participation as amicus in the following Tennessee appellate court cases:

· Denson v. Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge, et. al., E.2023-00027-SC-R11-CV (case regarding the sufficiency of pre-suit notice under TN healthcare liability law).

· Castillo v. Rex, et. al., E2022-00322-COA-R9-CV (case regarding protective order addressing communications between defendant hospital and decedent’s family).

· Doe v. Bellevue Baptist Church, W2022-01350-COA-R3-CV (case addressing dismissal of parents’ claim for negligent infliction of emotional distress in relation to sexual abuse of their child, on the basis that the claims are not legally cognizable because the parents did not perceive any injury-producing event).

· Locke v. Aston, M2022-01820-COA-R9-CV (health care liability case involving issue of whether the defendant must produce surveillance videos of the plaintiff in discovery).

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